TribeCloud’s cloud ecosystem has been designed from the ground up to fulfill your digital loyalty and engagement needs and help you succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. We work together with you to identify your objectives, understand your target audience and define measurable KPIs, and leverage our technology and expertise to implement a loyalty and engagement strategy that’s fully aligned with your business goals.

Your one-stop-shop

Our 360-degree approach to digital loyalty allows us to combine everything you need in a single solution. Our expertise in behavioral science and experience design, coupled with the unparalleled feature set of our platform, provide you with the guidelines and tools you need to design and implement your end-to-end engagement strategies. No need for sourcing different cloud providers for different modules and spend money and time on costly integrations, our one-stop-shop platform is all you need to succeed.

Lower IT, infrastructure
and integration costs

The TribeCloud Platform fully leverages Cloud Computing technologies and the Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) delivery model, allowing our customers to virtually eliminate the costs associated to infrastructure and systems integration that have traditionally represented a large chunk of IT budgets but delivered very little value to the business.

Business leaders today face a common challenge: finding ways to invest in powerful new customer-facing technologies while stripping non-essential and unproductive costs out of their businesses. Our fully hosted solution runs entirely on our cloud, eliminating the need for partners to buy, build and maintain expensive IT infrastructure and allowing us to deliver new features in a timely fashion while our customers can focus on building the right experiences for their audiences.timely fashion while our customers can focus on building the right experiences for their audiences.

Improved Time to Market

Today’s businesses compete in a tremendously challenging landscape, with rapidly evolving requirements and turbulent business conditions. Our cloud-based technologies remove the complexity from our customers’ operations, enabling them to move faster and be more responsive to the ever-changing market conditions. Solutions based on the TribeCloud Platform can be deployed in weeks rather than months, and our delivery cycles for platform upgrades, new features and bug fixes are much shorter than with traditional software.

This approach also allows us to innovate at a fast pace, fully embracing the principles of “continuous innovation”. New features are delivered painlessly and instantly to all our customers without them needing to download or install any patches.

Reliability and Security

We have leveraged the best Internet and Enterprise technologies in order to provide a robust solution with Enterprise-Grade flexibility and reliability. Built on the Apigee Edge digital acceleration platform for mission critical applications, TribeCloud provides 99.99 and 24x7x365 availability. A multi-region API Delivery Network (API-DN) ensures that our services are delivered with low latency and high availability worldwide.


At TribeCloud we are responsible for managing the scalability of your services, so there is no need for you to add expensive hardware, software or bandwidth as your user base grows. Our platform allows our customers to focus entirely on the user experience while capitalizing on the inherent elastic scalability of cloud computing. Whether your service has a hundred or a million users, our cloud architecture automatically scales to meet your demands, adapting to variations in traffic or volume of users. This means that you will never have to worry about the scalability of your app or service, allowing you to focus on your core strengths, i.e. providing a best-in-class engaging experience for you audience.

Beyond mobile: a true
cross-platform solution

While mobile dominates digital interactions in today’s world, the digital economy is fast expanding beyond the smartphone. With this in mind, the TribeCloud Platform has been designed from the ground up to meet the demands of the Internet of Things converged scenarios, where people, devices, machines and cloud-based apps interact through APIs and Big Data analytics. A true cross-platform framework, our solution can be easily integrated across your entire digital portfolio, from mobile apps to websites, from wearables to any connected device that can consume our powerful platform-agnostic REST API. We also provide dedicated SDKs for the most popular mobile and web front-ends like Android, iOS and JavaScript, which considerably simplify the integration process and shorten the time to market of your services.

Powerful dashboard

Access our powerful web-based dashboard to manage your communities and audiences, and to easily create compelling loyalty campaigns to motivate them and influence their behaviors towards your business goals. The integrated analytics console allows you to monitor their behaviors in real-time, and to use the data streams generated by their activity to tweak and optimize your campaigns.

Your trusted partner

Whether you are a startup or a multinational business, we can help you design and implement a digital loyalty and engagement strategy tailored to your current and future needs. Our expertise in the digital loyalty and engagement fields can help you understand what motivates your audiences, find the best ways to create and grow your communities and implement effective loyalty campaigns for them. Whether you just want to add game mechanics to your existing digital assets, like mobile apps and websites, or you need to design and implement your entire end-to-end loyalty strategy from scratch, we can help you.