Any digital business that needs to influence and motivate the behavior of an audience, where the audience can be as varied as customers, employees, partners, students, fans, patients, etc. can benefit from our services. The ultimate goal is true loyalty, where your audience is not just loyal to the best deal, but can actually resist competitive offers because they have an emotional connection to your business. Our solutions can be applied across a broad spectrum of scenarios and industry verticals where individuals need to be motivated and inspired to pursue specific actions or activities.

Consumer-focused solutions

Brands, retailers and content and service providers are facing tremendous challenges in today’s connected world, where consumers are spoilt by choice. In order to be successful, digital businesses must establish deeper connections with their customers to create true loyalty and more profound relationships. Integrating our loyalty framework into your customer-focused solution allows you to engage your customers at a deeper level and to change your customer interaction models to align them with your business goals.

Employee engagement
and performance

Companies have been successfully applying game mechanics to the areas of employee engagement and performance for years. As the biggest assets in your company, employees need to be engaged, inspired and motivated. Sophisticated game mechanics and game dynamics techniques can be used to increase employee loyalty, reduce employee turnover, enhance collaboration and improve performance.

Innovation management

Business leaders are starting to understand the power of crowdsourcing when it comes to idea generation and innovation management. The collective intelligence of the crowd can be leveraged to push the limits of innovation. Our connected world already enables the crowd to collaborate together by removing the barriers of time and distance, and our engagement platform is the tool you need to motivate that crowd and unleash its full potential.

Change management

Change is hard. Corporate transformation programs and changes in corporate culture or processes can be overwhelming for your employees. In these scenarios, game mechanics and dynamics can be applied to help people adopt new ways of working. Gamified solutions can be applied to coach employees and guide them in a gradual way through the new processes, breaking down the overall journey into smaller and more manageable steps of increasing complexity.

Online education and
employee training

Over the next few years online education will continue to play a key role in how people acquire new skills and knowledge, and how employees increase their value for their companies, especially in developing countries where access to advanced education remains prohibitive. TribeCloud’s engagement technology can be applied to increase the student’s involvement in the online learning experience, guide them gradually through the learning process and recognize skills attainment.

Personal Development

The effectiveness of gamification and intrinsic motivation to modify personal behaviors, coupled with the emergence of social media platforms and technologies like smartphones, wearable sensors and location-based services, has led to an explosion of personal development applications in areas like healthcare, coaching, fitness or personal finance. Our cloud-based technology, available anytime, anywhere, along with our advanced social and sharing capabilities, make TribeCloud the perfect partner to bring your personal development products to life.

Communities of interest

Digital engagement techniques are particularly useful when applied to communities of interest, i.e. groups of people who share a common interest. With members that are devoted and passionate by nature, these communities harness an immense potential, and gamification techniques can be used to activate and mobilize them from interest to action.

Events and conferences

One of the main goals of corporate events and conferences is to encourage attendees to do more networking and participate more actively. However, event organizers often fail at guiding employees through the event experience and at leveraging the collective power of the community to improve it. TribeCloud can help you engage your attendees before, during and after the event, help them understand how to make the best out of the event experience, and encourage them to have a more active participation.