Stop relying on traditional rewards programs that only engage your audience at a transactional level. Tap into the sources of human motivation and apply motivational techniques to take the relationship with your audience to an emotional level that can drive engagement and long-term loyalty. Leverage the power of Gamification, Big Data and experience design to deliver engaging and motivating experiences for your audiences.

Craft delightful and immersive
user experiences

Users' expectations have changed in today’s crowded and connected world, and customers and employees demand beautiful, effective and streamlined user experiences and interfaces. Now more than ever, capturing your users' attention requires you to create friendly, easy-to-use and fun environments for them to immerse in.

Create a meaningful journey for your audience

Gamification is not just about adding points and badges into an experience and expecting it to suddenly become more engaging. Gamification is about understanding your target audience’s ambitions and motivations, and designing an experience with a meaningful storyline that motivates and inspires them to achieve their personal goals and your business objectives.

Influence, track and analyse your audience’s behaviour

Identify the user behaviours that bring value to your business and motivate and inspire your customers, partners or employees to adopt them. Track those behaviours in real-time and measure engagement and participation to further optimise your campaigns. Collect and analyse rich actionable behavioural data to power your business. 

Increase engagement, ROI and data quality

Increase revenue through customer retention and satisfaction, and understand your audience better to provide a more personalised experience. Identify and respond to trends in customer behaviour. Drive brand affinity, nurture premium loyalty and turn customers and employees into advocates. Encourage word-of-mouth referrals and social media interactions.

Motivate through collaboration
and competition

Assign your users to different teams and motivate them through collaboration and competition. Define team goals to encourage collaboration between users, and make teams compete in order to promote healthy and productive competition.

Incentivise with contextual and experiential rewards

Let your costumers and employees know that they are special and reward their interactions with something that truly matters to them. Leverage context to reward your users with digital experiential rewards like status, privileges, access to additional features, etc. With contextual rewards you can significantly lower your costs by incentivising the right users with the right rewards at the right time.

Amplify your campaigns
with social media

Encourage your users to share their gamification achievements and experiential rewards to their favourite social networks to increase the amount of social media interactions, amplify the exposure of your loyalty campaign and acquire new customers. Make your customer journey blend into the Facebook experience with our Facebook Open Graph integration.